About Us
Bohdex is an Oakville Ontario-based consulting and technology implementation firm, specializing in the utility and contact centre industries. Our firm provides and implements tested utility and contact centre solutions tailored to your business, technology and regulatory requirements. 

We believe in specialization in our services and bring the benefits of consultants and technology specialists who “have been there and have done it before”.  While the needs of each client are different, our skills and tools have brought success for many clients. There is no hand-off by a sales partner to a junior consultant who needs to learn your industry.  Our staff always has deep vertical and horizontal experience.  

We are proud of our range of clients, many of which have been associated with Bohdex for many years. Please visit our list of clients on this website to see the range of clients with whom we keep good company.  

We are solution providers, not analysts. We have deep experience with quality technology software providers.  We collaborate with our client staff and bring to the team the missing expertise and tools in a carefully managed process. We take pride that we deliver on our promises, stay on schedule, and provide service to our clients at reasonable cost.

The firm was founded by its Principal and senior consultant, Bohdan Baluta, in 2002. We have 6 consultants and 8 associates with strong industry experience and knowledge that the firm brings to our engagements to serve our clients. Our consultants and associates have an average 15 years of industry and consulting experience.

Bohdex is a member in good standing of and contributor to the Electrical Distributors Association (EDA) of Ontario and the Canadian Electrical Association (CEA). Bohdex also has affiliations with several Canadian and American Contact Centre Consulting and Technology associations and service providers.  With our strong industry and partner affiliations, we are always keeping up with industry trends and best practices.

The firm has served a wide variety of large clients both in Canada and the United States and is centrally located making Bohdex consultants available to our clients on a moment's notice.  Please find out more about Bohdex by calling 905-910-1288 or emailing info@bohdex.com to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your company needs.