Contact Centre Solutions
Clear signals your Contact centre could use a Bohdex contact centre optimization solution:
  • You can’t meet regulatory or self-imposed service levels
  • Slumping or stagnant sales from your outbound channel
  • Customer satisfaction is declining
  • Increasing attrition and decreasing employee morale
  • It takes 6 to 8 responses to resolve email queries instead of 1 or 2
  • Customers are demanding more options than your team can deliver
  • Customers are talking about you on Twitter or Facebook and you can’t respond
  • Your business is growing and your customer service division can’t keep up

Bohdex contact centre experts have decades of experience helping existing or start up contact centres address these challenges at both the strategic and tactical levels. Below are some of the specific solutions Bohdex staff have delivered that can be customized to address your centre’s specific needs:

Multi-Channel Efficiency Review - A Bohdex multi-channel efficiency review starts with a current state analysis and concludes with a comprehensive set of recommendations and roadmap complete with a future state gap analysis. 

We evaluate the effectiveness of all channels being utilized in your centre with a focus on how the various channels are optimized to work together. We focus on all channels including inbound, outbound, e-mail, self-serve (IVR and Web), fax, social media, & chat. At Bohdex, we understand that all centres are not created equally and not all contact types (sales, customer service, tech support and others) require the same solution and approach.  In turn, each centres unique features are always be compared evaluated against industry best practices.

Process Development or Reengineering  - Whether your contact centre needs a couple key processes reviewed, documented and optimized or your centre requires a comprehensive, Six Sigma based process overhaul, Bohdex process specialists can help your centre deliver. Bohdex contact centre specialists always look at a centre holistically and are skilled at using process mapping and corresponding methodologies to understand current issues and demonstrate potential future benefits. The process mapping also sets the stage for development or integration with any required technology to bring about measurable improvement. Bohdex process solutions often provide efficiency improvements together with customer and employee satisfaction benefits all at the same time!

E-Mail Channel Optimization - Email is a vital part of many contact centres but most centres treat this channel the same as their voice channel. Bohdex E-Mail Optimization solutions recognize the uniqueness of this channel and will help any centre improve the metrics associated with this key communication channel. Try the scalable Bohdex Contact centre email solution and reduce your email response rate ratio from 1:8 to an industry leading 1:2 in a matter of weeks!

Comprehensive Data & Report Analysis - Bohdex experts have consistently found areas of improvement just by doing a thorough analysis of the data that comes out of all the systems and the reports staff generate.  Whether your centre uses hundreds of reports weekly or barely knows how to turn on their reporting engine, Bohdex staff will help to make sense of the  myriad of reporting available. We often find areas of improvement without even stepping foot into your centre! A comprehensive Bohdex data and report analysis is an easy and unobtrusive introduction to improving the immediate performance of your centre. A Bohdex data and report analysis also sets the stage for more comprehensive Bohdex contact centre solutions should they be required.

Quality Monitoring - All centres want to have a quality customer interaction but we often find centres simply hope this is the case vs. taking concrete steps to ensure quality is consistent and up to corporate or regulatory standards. With Bohdex Quality Monitoring solutions, we can help to introduce or optimize monitoring technology and supporting processes to ensure quality becomes pervasive in the fabric of the organization. We ensure adherence, compliance and success by implementing a balanced scorecard incorporating appropriate quality metrics together with other success metrics.

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) - Often forgotten but critically important are your centres Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) efforts. If your centre does not have comprehensive and tested plans to manage the centre when things go wrong for hours or days, Bohdex can staff can help to ensure your customers are never left without service. Bohdex staff have designed and implemented DR and BCP solutions ensuring that both business processes and technology back up solutions are put in place to ensure seamless customer support when your centre experiences unanticipated downtime.


Training Development and Delivery - Even the best process or technology solution can fall flat if it is not introduced into the organization with effective training. Whether your centre needs to introduce simple changes using a “lunch and learn” or “just in time” (JIT) training session or if your centre requires a new process or technology trained, Bohdex staff can deliver. With decades of experience developing and delivering training solutions for contact centres, Bohdex staff will ensure any solutions will always be supported through comprehensive training.

Optimization Benefits
  • Increased efficiency & employee morale
  • Improved quality of interactions
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Integrated processes & technology solutions
  • Executive buy-in and support
  • Improved performance & decision making