Contact Centre Solutions
  • Does your contact centre currently try to do everything on its own?
  • Are you good at all the things you are currently doing?
  • Could you use some extra help to make things a little better?
  • Could you off load some of your extra work to make what you are best at better?
  • Has your business lost opportunities due to inneficiencies?

Bohdex Contact centre specialists can help your centre become the centre it should be! We can help you contract out work that is not core to your business or we can help bring in some extra support to help you take advantage of new and expanding opportunities. 

At Bohdex we help centres take advantage of the vast array of opportunities that exist through outsourcing, new technology options and strategic partnerships as described in the services below:

New Channel Set-up  & Implementation - You have thought about expanding your customer offerings to include chat or more responsive e-mail in order to differentiate your business or you want to increase sales with lead generation or an outbound sales team.  Let the Bohdex team help you build or expand the capability of your company and increase your customer touch points with a new customer channel. We can leverage our network of service partners and our internal expertise to design and build you a solution that will meet your financial and customer service goals.  We will help you demonstrate clear benefit and ROI from any new channel implementation.

Outsource Process Development  - Outsource any part of your business and you will have processes to be reviewed, updated and in many case created. Bohdex specializes in creating and implementing integrated processes and procedures between organizations that are central to any outsourcing agreement. Whether your contact centre needs a couple key processes reviewed, documented and optimized to incorporate a new vendor relationship or your centre requires a comprehensive, Six Sigma based process overhaul to support outsourcing whole segments of the business, Bohdex process specialists can help! Our industry standard process mapping methodologies and practices can be adjusted to meet any scope but regardless of size, our process solutions always set the stage to demonstrate measurable improvement.

Technology Outsourcing - At Bohdex we understand the complex technology landscape that permeates the contact centre industry and perhaps more importantly, we understand how technology is supposed to compliment and interact with the human side of the operation. Whether you need to find a strategic technology partner to handle some call or email overflow to meet service levels, or you are contemplating outsourcing your entire components of your IT Infrastructure, Bohdex Technology experts can help. We will help your centre design and execute the right technology solution with the right mix of in house and outsourced support to meet your strategic and tactical objectives within your particular budgetary constraints. We will also help “sell” any solutions and the benefits internally by working with client teams to develop business cases and ROI models to support any technology decision.

Outsource RFP Development & Management - If you are going to be outsourcing any part of your business, you will have to shop around to make sure you are getting the best solution at the best price.   At Bohdex, we can act as your trusted advisor when making your most important technology outsourcing decisions. We can lead and manage your RFP processes for any size or scope of outsource opportunity. We free up your staff to take care of your core business while still ensuring key decisions are made with the right information at the right time. With our methodical and well-documented approach, you will always know how and why you made your key decisions and you will always be able to defend them.

Contract Development & Project Implementation - After every successful RFP selection process there is a period of contract set up and implementation. The devil, as they say, is in the details and Bohdex can help ensure you get all the things you asked and paid for in your contracts and Statements of Work (SOW). Bohdex staff have experience at all levels of the outsource value chain and therefore we can craft everything from project SOWs through to complete outsource agreements. With our attention to detail, we will ensure you get the most out of your outsource relationship.  Our Project Management experts will work in concert with the contract teams to ensure projects of all sizes will be implemented according to the new agreements and requirements.

Outsource Vendor Management & Reporting - You have your new outsource solution and strategic solution provider and some shinny new integrated processes so now what? Who will be watching the vendor? What will they be looking for? What do they do when things go wrong? How will they know something has gone wrong? How will you know your solution and new solution provider are delivering on all their promises? At Bohdex we can build, train and support your new vendor management teams and equip them with all they will need to manage any new outsource relationship. Reports, SLAs, processes, information tools and management methodologies are just some of the components we will help put in place to ensure your vendor managers are equipped to effectively manage your new outsource relationship. 



Outsourcing Benefits
  • Upgrade to "Best in Class" technology
  • Increase sales & revenue
  • Enhance or expand customer options
  • Minimize risk while optimizing efficiency
  • Integrate outsourced & in-house capabilities
  • Competently manage outsourcer relationships