Startup & Technology
Contact Centre Solutions
While some contact centers operate with a couple agents sitting in front of computers with phones, more often than not, contact centres operate with a complex set of technologies working behind the scenes. 

Sometimes Contact Centre technologies are housed and managed within one's centre by an internal set of dedicated support staff and other times significant components of a centre's technology mix are outsourced for others to manage. Regardless, contact centres by definition are technology intensive.

Bohdex staff appreciate this reality and can comfortably and confidently work with centres having any technology mix. The following Bohdex Startup & Technology services can support contact centres of any shape or size: 

Technology Solution Architecture - Whether it is the switches and gateways that route contacts to skill based agents or back end systems such as CRM, CTI, CIS or WFM, at Bohdex our expertise is helping contact centre business and IT staff manage their technology resources effectively. We help to demystify the technology landscape and act as “translators” between the technology experts and the business owners who must leverage technology to deliver on their performance, quality and customer commitments.

At Bohdex we understand the complex technology landscape that permeates the contact centre industry and perhaps more importantly, we understand how technology is supposed to compliment and interact with the human side of the operation. Our contact centre technology experts can ensure any technology decision your centre needs to make can be executed with confidence leveraging our support.  We will lead or assist your team with individual hardware and software choices or we can help architect an entire solution for an emerging centre or one that is in transition or growing.

Self Service Optimization & Enablement - At Bohdex, we help you leverage technology so your business can manage customer expectations often without even needing an agent! With Bohdex customer Self Service Optimization & Enablement solutions, we help Centres increase sales, meet service levels or simply become more efficient.  With well-designed IVR and Web Self Service solutions we can help centres increase customer satisfaction and employee morale while improving the bottom line. Bohdex Self Serve solutions often pay for themselves in months.

RFP Development & Management - You can plan it, you can budget for it but at some point you need to do some homework. At Bohdex, we can act as your “trusted advisor” when making your most important technology decisions. We can lead and manage your RFP processes to free up your staff and still ensure you have all you need to make excellent technology choices. With our methodical and well-documented approach to RFP Management, you will always know how and why you made your important decisions and you will always be able to defend those decisions in front of any audience!

Project Implementation Management- At Bohdex, our rigorous and always meticulously documented project management approach, can deliver contact centre projects on time and on budget using the latest implementation methodologies to meet each projects particular needs. Our experienced PM’s can help manage an already well-defined project or they can lead a team of Bohdex BA’s and TA’s to create the business and technical requirements necessary to execute any plan regardless of size and complexity. We stand by our consulting and therefore we can confidently manage the implementation of our recommendations to provide you with a single source solution provider.

Technology Strategy & Roadmap  - With the myriad of technology options available yet limited budgets to work with, making the right technology decisions at the right times is critical for contact centres success. With Bohdex Technology strategy and roadmap development solutions we help you plan out all strategic and tactical IT and supporting business decision that will impact your organization in the short and long term. Our approach ensures alignment with your corporate vision, mission and guiding principles and ensures IT decisions have an appropriate governance structure in place to execute and support them.


Startup & Technology Benefits
  • ROI for technology decisions
  • Increased efficiency and employee morale
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Methodology facilitates knowledge transfer
  • Demystification of technology decisions
  • Piece of mind having "Trusted Advisors"