e-Mobile video from a successful Bohdex e-Mobile implementation

Bohdex was instrumental in delivering Horizon Utilities e-Mobile initiative. Bohdex led the Horizon teams through all facets of the successful implementation from original requirements, solution design and ROI through to detailed project management and implementation support. See Bohdex staff in action in the corporate video Horizon created to demonstrate the benefits of the e-Mobile solution Bohdex staff helped to create and build!

E-Mobile Video - Bohdex Success Story


Infrastructure Ontario supports e-Mobile

Infrastructure Ontario is dedicated to providing long-term financing solutions to help public sector clients renew infrastructure and deliver value to customers and residents.

The Loan Program is a public sector lending vehicle designed to provide efficient access to capital markets financing for those who are otherwise unable. An Infrastructure Ontario loan also allows LDCs to begin their projects today, and spread the costs over the life of the asset.

Since 2006, Infrastructure Ontario's Loan Program has helped to make a difference in communities across Ontario by providing affordable loans to municipal corporations. Municipal corporations can include: local distribution companies, gas utilities, municipal Long-term care homes, and others. 

Most capital expenses are eligible for Infrastructure Ontario loan financing -- everything from large or small construction projects to the purchase of vehicles or lighting fixtures. Key benefits include:

  • very affordable rates
  • no extra fees or commissions
  • flexible short or long terms

In our conversations with the leaders of the program, they have told Bohdex staff they would consider funding projects that help automate the work of field workers. Since Infrastructure Ontario has already funded Smart Meter initiatives for some Ontario LDCs, they can see how automating the work processes for the staff who now need to service those meters as a logical extension of the Smart Meter initiative.


Link to look at other Utilities who have leveraged the power of using Infrastructure Ontario to funs their Smart meter initiative:

How LDCs have leveraged Infrastructure Ontario funding

Link to a discussion paper on LDCs and debt equity ratios:

LDCs and debt financing



Bohdex e-Mobile solution options overview

Bohdex has teamed up with various service providers including Field Worker to provide LDCs with dynamic e-mobile solutions to address many potential areas of efficiency improvements. Check out the short power point to understand areas where your LDC can leverage a Bohdex e-mobile solution to drive efficiency through your organization while increasing employee and customer satisfaction at the same time!

Call us today at 905-910-1288 or email us at info@bohdex.com to set up a free consultation with our e-mobile experts at your convenience and at your site! 

Bohdex e-Mobile Presentation



Bohdex Capabilities – Helping Ontario LDCs on many fronts

While you have heard a lot about how Bohdex can help your LDC gain efficiencies from an e-Mobile solution, Bohdex can help your LDC in many ways.  Some of the ways Bohdex is supporting other Ontario LDCs include:

  • TOU implementation
  • Business cases and ROI model development for key initiatives
  • Technology strategy and roadmaps
  • Program and project management support for key projects
  • Call centre optimization and self service enablement
  • Regulatory filing support
  • Business process transformation

Call us today at 905-910-1288 or email us at info@bohdex.com to discuss ways Bohdex can help your LDC with your mission critical projects!

Alternatively, you can browse through the rest of the Bohdex website or you can download and view the attached PPT presentation to see a short summary of Bohdex capabilities.

Bohdex Capabilities


Call us today at 905-910-1288 or email us at info@bohdex.com to set up a free consultation with Bohdex and Infrastructure Ontario to work with you to investigate the various funding options to develop your next efficiency improvement initiative.