The Bohdex Team

Bohdan Baluta

Bohdan is the President and Founder of “Bohdex”, an Oakville Ontario-based consulting and technology implementation firm, specializing in the utility and contact centre industries. Bohdan has a Masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Manitoba (1990) and a BA in political science from the University of Winnipeg (1988). Bohdan has been in the contact centre business since 1993 and Utility industry since 1998. Bohdan has led a wide range of consulting projects implementing a variety of client solutions from Customer Satisfaction improvement strategies and IT roadmaps to complete end-to-end process and technology implementations. Bohdan and his colleagues at Bohdex have worked with a strong list of utilities including Hydro One, Horizon Utilities, Oshawa Hydro, Transalta, Enbridge, Direct Energy and others as well as an impressive list of non utility clients including, Canadian Tire, Bell and Microsoft.

Bohdan and his team pride themselves on bringing a customer service orientation to each engagement and they consistently deliver measurable results. Bohdan has been an expert speaker on both Contact centres and Utility solutions at several conferences and continues to be active in promoting both industries.
Murray G. K. Davidson
Murray is an experienced executive consultant to the electric utility industry, having worked with many of the major generation, transmission and distribution companies in Canada and the US. Murray holds a graduate degree in Management Studies from Dalhousie University, with majors in regulated industries and technology, a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto, and is a member in good standing of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.
In Canada Murray was a partner in KPMG Consulting and Andersen Worldwide, in their utilities consulting practices.  In the US, he led a specialty consulting and software business focused on the electric and gas industries and the pipeline industry.
Murray serves as Lead consultant on all Bohdex regulatory projects and has extensive expertise helping Utilities in all major regulatory areas including;
All forms of Regulatory filings;
Cost allocation studies;
Expert witness support;
Rate design and pricing;
Utility reorganization and design
Robin Macrae

Robin is a senior consultant with deep expertise in professional services, information technology, manufacturing and utility industries. He has a B.A. in economics, an M.B.A. in corporate strategy and marketing and a Juris Doctor in corporate, contracts and intellectual property law. His peers regard him as an exemplar of advanced professional work methods.

From his work as a lawyer through to his extensive consulting career working with a variety companies from small start-up businesses to fortune 500 companies, clients always see Robin as trusted advisor with deep expertise. Robin has worked on both strategic and tactical Bohdex initiatives with clients such as Horizon Utilities, Canadian Tire and the Microsoft Partner Program (Redmond). In addition to the his Bohdex work, Robin has been a trusted advisor and change agent with organizations such as AT&T, MicroSoft Canada, Xerox and federal departments such as the Treasury Board.
 Whether Robin is developing a strategic technology roadmap or creating a client’s information workspace, his expertise and passion for collaboration delivers a level of  detail that clients have come to expect from any Bohdex engagement. 
Slav Solic
With over 13 years of call centre experience, Slav brings a high level of call centre focused training, quality and production experience to the Bohdex team.  With a B.A. (1990) and a B. Ed. (1994) from the University of Winnipeg to complement his experience, Slav’s core expertise lies in creating, implementing and delivering comprehensive, standardized and user-friendly training materials for the classroom and web.  Slav's comprehensive training collateral and web self service development skills also support a variety of Bohdex call centre consulting services. Slav is certified in several training, development and adult learning methodologies and is consistently delivering "best in class" services and materials. With his wealth of contact centre management experience in a variety of areas, he brings a wealth of hands on contact centre expertise to all of his consulting engagements.  

In addition to the training and consulting focus, Slav has led several quality and process initiatives. As an ICSA Certified Call Coach Slav has delivered, developed and implemented several call coaching programs for both inbound and outbound call centre environments consistently producing measurable results. With expertise in process improvement, Slav is able to integrate all consulting, training and quality deliverables into all Bohdex Process and technology solutions ensuring integrated end to end solutions for all client engagements. Clients consistently compliment Slav's highly professional and customer centric approach.
Eric Young

Eric is one of the leaders in the Bohdex Contact Centre Team with over 25 years of Industry experience. Eric has led teams to successfully improve performance in sales or service departments across multiple industry verticals. He is adept at developing marketing strategies, introducing new customer communication channels, streamlining service operations and building and managing sales teams.  

Eric holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing and is also a past Executive Committee member of the Canadian Marketing Association. Eric has proven over and over again that he can help clients find savings or improve sales without cutting headcount and without sacrificing service delivery. He offers Bohdex clients real insight into new business development, sales management, call center management and customer strategy.
Kevin McKinnon

Kevin is a senior level consultant with more than 15 years of contact centre experience.  He has successfully filled virtually every role in a centre from managing front line teams to directing multiple contact centres and ultimately being responsible for thousands of employees with annual centre revenues in excess of a hundred million dollars. Kevin’s comprehensive and executive level knowledge of in house and outsourced contact centres provides all Bohdex clients a level of knowledge and expertise that is second to none.
In addition to his MBA, Kevin also holds a Master of Management degree from the American Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Education from the University of New Brunswick.   A highly analytical mind combined with extensive experience and education, make Kevin an expert in maximizing any organization’s efficiency.   Kevin’s demonstrated expertise in change leadership as well as technology and culture transformation support the Bohdex implementation methodology.
Over the years, clients who have had the benefit of Kevin’s expertise have enjoyed millions of dollars in cost savings from improvements in productivity while at the same time seeing their customer and employee satisfaction levels soar. 
Heerbod Etemadi

Heerbod is an experienced, senior Process Design and Project Management / Implementation consultant with a strong technical underpinning to his skill set.  His education as an Industrial Engineer (1998) coupled with his programming background help him to confidently mesh his business process designs with the system layer that supports them. Heerbod’s experience creating future state process designs after identifying gaps in the current state processes has helped him find efficiencies for clients in several verticals including utilities, telecommunication, retail/distribution and manufacturing.
When not developing efficient and effective processes Heerbod has helped many clients address immediate and acute needs by creating quick and effective business applications using a variety of programming tools.  Whether he is modeling business problems from a technical or process perspective, his systematic and methodical approach helps to reinforce the traditional Bohdex attention to detail and documentation.  Innovation, detail analysis and holistic-long term vision are key factors contributing to Heerbod’s success.
Hamid Yazdiani
Hamid has been working in IT for over 15 years and has been recognized for his development efforts for producing code that meets stringent quality and service requirements.  Hamid graduated with Honors from Mohawk College with a degree in Computer Systems and Technology (1994).  He has deep expertise with traditional legacy and mainframe systems and programming languages as well as integrating new technology solutions with older client systems.
In addition to deep developer skills, Hamid has led many mission critical project teams in his career, always with a focus on quality while at the same time being on time and on budget. Hamid’s skills also transcend into the business arena and he has been an active member of several process development teams, always providing expertise on how human business processes interact with the technology that enables them. Hamid has been supporting Bohdex client system integration efforts and has been developing the back end components of the Bohdex “E-Mobile in a Box” solution.