Utility Solutions
  • Does your Utility still send out field staff with paper work orders?
  • Are your missing customer deadlines due to poor back office handoffs?
  • Do you send Tech's back to the field to validate work already done?
  • Are you having a hard time meeting new regulatory requirements?
  • Do you believe it is time to change age-old utility practices?

With the Bohdex “E-Mobile” suite of services, you can eliminate labor-intensive manual processes and replace them with automated business processes facilitated by “Best In Class” mobile technology.

The following suite of Bohdex E-Mobile services can help your utility with any part of the solution from start to finish:

E-Mobile Plan Development - At Bohdex we assess your utilities individual needs with a proven, E-Mobile specific, current state analysis that leads to future state recommendations and a gap analysis. The initial analysis looks all people, process and technology considerations within your existing regulatory and financial framework.  Based on the assessment we develop a roadmap to move you toward your improvement objectives quickly!

ROI and Business Case Development - At Bohdex, we help you justify the initial investment by developing a bottom-up Return on Investment (ROI) model and business case with your individual needs and circumstances taken into consideration. We understand the regulatory environment that you work under and our experienced staff will help you incorporate your planned efficiency improvements into your regulatory regime. The Bohdex utility ROI model acknowledges that in regulated utilities demonstrating ROI is more complex than in unregulated businesses.

End to End Project Management - Once the planning is done Bohdex expert project managers manage all facets of your E-Mobile initiative from business and technology requirement development through to day to day management of in-house and vendor teams. At Bohdex, our rigorous and always meticulously documented project management approach, can deliver projects on time and on budget using the latest implementation methodologies. Our experienced project managers will ensure you can rest easy knowing your E-Mobile project is on track.  

Software & Hardware Build - Any E-Mobile solution will have a technology component and Bohdex staff will manage the entire, E-Mobile Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) using the latest hardware, tools and techniques to ensure the technology components are incorporated into the overall E-Mobile plan. At Bohdex we ensure proper testing and business acceptance of all hardware and software technology and supporting process solutions before they are released into production. With this proven methodology we increase user adoption and ensure employee satisfaction during and after the implementation. Our approach also allows you leverage in-house technology to save time and money while providing “Best in Class” alternatives to complement your in-house capabilities. 

Process & Training Development - Our process and training specialists create future state, E-Mobile processes using the latest business process modeling notation (BPMN) techniques that are fully integrated with all new and existing technology components. Our six sigma based, current and future state processes provide a way for your team to demonstrate the ROI from your E-Mobile initiative on an ongoing basis. Our comprehensive future state processes are integrated into a comprehensive set of User Acceptance Test (UAT) scripts and implementation training plans to ensure proper implementation of your E-Mobile solution.

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E-Mobile Benefits
  • Go green with less paper
  • Save time and money
  • Meet regulatory PBR and TOU requirements
  • Make better decisions with improved reporting
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction
  • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)