Smart Metering (Time of Use)
Utility Solutions
Smart meters offer the opportunity for operational and planning benefits for utilities and the data collected will also be valuable in the design, implementation and monitoring of a wide variety of utility and customer initiatives.

Creating and implementing innovative Smart Meter strategies and translating them into sustainable performance improvement is a core strength of Bohdex utility consulting.

Bohdex utility specialists can help your organization with all aspects of smart metering and Time of Use (TOU) rate structure design and implementation including:

Strategic Smart Meter & TOU Planning - Bohdex staff have been working at the executive level of utility organizations for decades and in turn understand some of the unique challenges faced by decision makers in this environment. We provide context for all decisions and in turn transform the vision of the executive into tangible and measurable initiatives to implement your Smart Meter and subsequent Time of Use Rates.

Smart Meter Hardware & Software Build -
No smart meter implementation can be executed without a significant investment into the hardware and software that will drive enhanced customer and utility decision making for decades to come. Bohdex experts will help your utility cut through the myriad of meter, collector, data and back office technology options to ensure your utility has a customized solution that will meet internal and regulatory needs.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Development
- Integrating your AMI with your billing and CRM systems as well as the centralized Provincial or State-wide Meter Data Management Repositories (MDMR) is a critical component of any Smart Meter Implementation. Bohdex has first hand experience implementing solutions to help your utility leverage the wealth of information from AMI and other meter data information systems.  By fully integrated your AMI with all your customer and billing information systems we ensure not only efficiency but regulatory compliance.

Time of Use Rate Project Implementation
– With smart meter implementations the focus is often on the purchase and installation of the Meters, Collectors and other systems and less about what happens after the infrastructure is built.  Bohdex will help balance the focus of your Smart Meter hardware and software implementation with the corresponding customer communication and rate option solutions such as Time of Use billing. Once the systems are in it is all about accuracy to feed the Time of Use data demands. Bohdex staff will delve into the data details to provide recommendations on how and where to improve read percentages and focus resources to get the most out of your Smart Meter infrastructure and meet stringent regulatory accuracy requirements.

Customer Service, Back-Office & Web Support
– With Bohdex, customer centric Smart Meter and Time Of Use solutions we can build, implement or assist with all facets of the customer communications including call and email handling, chat, vendor support and customer self service web design.  We will help  your utility design and implement the required customer communication packages that will minimize impact to your customer care department from the inevitable increases in customer queries and questions from Smart Meter and TOU implementations.  

Time of Use & Smart Metering Reporting  -
In Ontario and other provinces and states, there is a regulatory requirement (OEB in Ontario) for LDCs to submit baseline filings as well as monthly and quarterly “filing of action”  reporting on the progress on Smart Metering Initiatives. Ontario has also set a requirement of LDC “self certification of enrollment testing” which is a required filing in 2010-2011. Bohdex is consulting to Ontario LDCs on the structure and detail of these progress filings, on technical matters and cost allocations.  Our firm is ready to assist LDCs on all aspects of these filings, including the verification of the costs associated with the Smart Metering Initiatives, and the results achieved and forecast.  Bohdex will ensure that all decisions will pass regulatory prudency reviews when the time comes to get your smart meter costs into rate base.


Smart Metering Benefits
  • Improved decision making
  • Gain efficiencies
  • Modernize your utility
  • Meet changing regulatory requirements
  • Increase customer satisfaction & quality
  • Increase internal & customer options